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our Evidence-based approach to SEL

SEL Journeys provides age-differentiated lessons aligned to the CASEL (casel.org) Framework for Systemic Social and Emotional Learning.



95% of students say our programs helps them build self-confidence



89% of students say our programs help them get motivated and set goals


Social Awareness

99% of students say our programs help them practice showing respect for others


Relationship Skills

94% of students say our programs help them feel more comfortable with their peers


Responsible Decision-Making​

90% of students say our programs help them make safe and healthy choices that are good for themselves and others.

How are Schools Using SEL Journeys?


SEL Instruction

Weekly themes and lessons make SEL easy for classroom teachers.

Movement Breaks & Morning Meetings​

“Just Move” mode lets students get the wiggles out whenever needed.


Physical Education & Indoor Recess

Add SEL and cultural learning to active parts of the day.


Multicultural School & Family Events

Build community with fun dance-along activities. 



Get kids moving and learning about the world any time of day.

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Our Approach to Movement & Cultural Learning

The movement activities included in SEL Journeys are inspired by dances from around the world. This curriculum has been in development over the past decade, informed by careful research and consultation with cultural experts for each genre.


All material is inspired by authentic dance steps. Our intention is to celebrate and appreciate each culture, while treating the origins of the movement with reverence and respect.


Movement therapy research and dance education best practices inform any modifications made to authentic movements to ensure the content is developmentally appropriate for students. Additionally, the curriculum is intentionally inclusive. Learn more about how SEL Journeys meets the needs of diverse learners. 

Fostering Unity

We embrace movement as a powerful way to unite people in celebration of our shared humanity.

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