Our new digital learning platform teaches social skills (SEL) and global citizenship through movement.


Dancing With Class

Dancing with Class (DwC) provides in-school and after-school dance programs, led by our professional teaching artists, in Chicago and beyond.



EduMotion founder Margot Toppen is the author of Jitterbugs! A dance-along story inspired by real American jitterbugs.



Energize and engage your students. Reap the rewards.

EduMotion develops programs, products and services that energize and engage classrooms through movement and hands-on learning. Our evidence-based curriculum supports the 25 essential Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies as outlined by CASEL

WHY SEL? Supporting students’ social and emotional development produces an 11-percentage point gain in grades and test scores.

WHY MOVEMENT? Studies show children score a FULL GRADE LEVEL HIGHER in reading comprehension tests after moderate physical activity than after a period of rest.

WHY NOW? Four out of five teachers want more resources to address students’ social and emotional development.

About Us

Since 2006, our dedicated team of educators and dance professionals have been immersed in creating and delivering transformative programs for K-12 students.  Our founders bring a wealth of experience in varied industries ranging from digital media to arts education to business consulting.  More than 1,000 educators in the Chicago market have engaged with our flagship program ( and consider us a leading innovator in Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

SEL Journeys is a digital learning platform featuring movement-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) activities for grades K-5. Classroom journeys are led by Anya, Noah, Joy, and Paz. These delightful 3D-animated storytellers visit countries across the globe and then lead classrooms through movement activities inspired by those cultures.

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