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K-12 Social Emotional Learning through movement and the arts. Now part of CATCH Global Foundation's suite of Whole Child wellness programs.

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What is SEL Journeys?

SEL Journeys is a digital experience that allows students to explore the world through movement and the arts while focusing on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) themes like diversity, empathy and kindness.

With age-differentiated K-12 lessons  based on our evidence-based curriculum, SEL Journeys brings movement, culture and SEL directly to your classroom.

SEL Journeys is offered through CATCH Global Foundation as part of its suite of Whole Child Wellness offerings.

SEL & Movement Impact

Schools that implement SEL programs see an

1 %

improvement in grades/test scores.

Students who move prior to taking standardized tests

perform up to a full grade level higher.

For more news and insights about the power of movement to develop social and emotional competencies, visit the SEL Journeys blog!