SEL, Movement, and Culture

Transform your school with whole-child education.

Wholistic Solutions for Whole-Child Development


SEL is most effective when reinforcement of skills happens throughout the school day and is embedded into overall school culture & climate.


In each SEL Journey, teachers introduce students to a new Big Idea & movement activity that aligns to a core Social Emotional competency.

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Supplemental materials are provided so teachers can reinforce the Big Idea all throughout the week, across all subject areas.

Customized Professional Development

In addition to our SEL Journeys product, EduMotion provides customized professional development & consultative services related to the following:

  • For all PD topics, we focus on approaches that activate JOY and KINDNESS through the infusion of movement and the arts.​

Join our Community of Practice on Participate.com to explore online learning and engage with like-minded educators. 

Or, contact us to discuss customized professional development options for your school.

Funding Opportunities

For less than the cost of a typical school field trip, your students can take virtual field trips all year long. Because SEL Journeys is so multi-dimensional, schools are able to fund the program in a variety of ways:

  • Title IV, Part A of ESSA or Title II professional development funds
  • Grants related to SEL, arts education, physical activity & wellness and more
  • PTO/A enrichment funds
  • Donors Choose, Go Fund Me, and other crowdfunding platforms

Make The Case

Need to convince other stakeholders? Here’s a downloadable sample letter you can use to make the case!

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Setting Up Your Classroom

To bring SEL Journeys into your classroom, you’ll need the following.


Internet Access

A reliable Wi-Fi connection will be required to deliver video and audio content.

web browser

Web Browser

Desktop or laptop should have a modern browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge).



Setup should include speakers with adequate amplification for the size of room & number of students.



SEL Journeys works best on a large display visible to an entire group of students (Smart Board, Projector, or other display).

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