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Signature Moves Contest Winner!

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When EduMotion, in partnership with Active Schools, Empatico, and Love In A Big World, launched the Signature Moves Dance Contest on March 1, we had no idea that the world was about to change so quickly. By mid-March, schools across the United States were closing down to control the spread of COVID-19 and our contest concept had to evolve in response. 

Instead of a group project, we decided to provide a way for students to create dances at home and our lesson plan was downloaded and shared with thousands of students by teachers around the world. 

We hope that next year we can bring the contest back with the original concept. In the meantime, we’d like you to meet this year’s Grand Prize Winner!

Contest Winner: Chelsea Campbell

High-school dancer Chelsea Campbell

Chelsea is a 15 year old dancer from Vero Beach, Florida. She has been dancing for about 5 years now. She trains in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip-hop and her favorite….lyrical.

At her high school, she is a member of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts and is also a part of the school’s dance team. She loves performing both in school and around the community and this year had the opportunity to portray “Joan of Arc” in her school’s visual and performing arts day. 

The Signature Moves contest guidelines asked students to choose 4 words that describe themselves and their values and to use those words to inspire the movement in the dance they create. 

Here are the words Chelsea chose and what they mean to her:

Movement Phrase #1: Free-Spirited

“My movement shows this because I am expressing pure joy in what I am doing.” Dance makes Chelsea feel that she has “not a care in the world.”

Movement Phrase #2: Sensitive

“I did small/precise moves to show how when I am worried about things I tend to feel small.”

Movement Phrase #3: Observant

“My movement shows big/bold movements showing how I look at the world around me.”

Movement Phrase #4: Sparkle

“This word is a special word between my mom and I. This expresses how grateful I am for her.”

To see Chelsea’s winning moves, view the video at the top of this post!

Reflections & Advice from Chelsea

Our review team was impressed at the thought and care Chelsea took to choose words that express different dimensions of her identity.

“I would like you to know that these 4 words hold a special place in my heart and getting the chance to evaluate and dance them helps me to really express how I feel,” she shared.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Chelsea has been finding many ways to stay active and try to advance her dance training. “At the beginning I took a couple days to re-focus and plan how I would dance at home,” she says. She is very grateful to her parents who helped her create an at-home dance studio, complete with mirrors and a marley floor. In Chelsea’s words: “They are the best parents ever and I am forever grateful for them.”

Chelsea would like to encourage all young dancers out there to keep moving and stay positive. Her advice: “Take a walk, go on a run, take every opportunity handed to you right now and pursue it to the best of your ability. You guys got this. And before you know it we will all be together dancing again!”


Congratulations to Chelsea for winning our 2020 Signature Moves Contest. We are grateful to Chelsea for sharing her light with the world and think she has a very bright future!

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Margot Toppen

Margot Toppen

Margot Toppen is a visionary educator who works at the intersection of SEL, arts, and physical education.

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